Gibson Bros receive new WA480-8
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Gibson Bros have recently received a new WA480-8 wheeled loader. The Komatsu WA480-8 offers an outstanding combination of stability, breakout power and tractive effort to customers and is perfect for any moving, transport or loading job. Available machine attachments extend the machine’s versatility to waste handling or quarry applications.

  • Engine power – 224/300 kW/HP
  • Bucket capacity – 4,8-5,3 m³
  • Tipping load – 20,165 t.
  • Operating weight – 26,315-26,465 t.

The WA480-8 has a new auto-digging mode, and along with Komatsu’s redesigned digging bucket, which further improves penetration and is easier to fill, operator comfort and productivity are increased and fuel consumption can be reduced.

We wish Gibson Bros every success with their new machine.